The Neglinka river 1

I thought that there’s too much about the river and divided it all in two posts. Some not really structured information and photos are below, while the fun and parties are here

The Neglinka is the oldest and most well-known Moscow underground river.  It was first transformed into an open channel by the order of Catherine the Great, and was closed completely soon after the fire in 1812. It was reconstructed by the end of the 19th century due to constant floods after rain.

Limestone arch, granite floor – a sweet old tunnel currently unused:


This didn’t help. A small part of the river was once again rebuilt into this big red brick tunnel right before WWI.
On the right – the enforced part supposedly remaining from Queen Cathrine, on the left and down – the newest part built in 1970s. Right in front of the new tunnel is the “guillotine” – you can see one of the gates stuck right below the ceiling. Mom told me that exploring was dangerous…


CRW_9549 copy


On the right concrete wall there were some “paintings” of local folklore – closest about the presumed homosexuality of a guy from Saint-Petersburg, next – about the rectal dangers of exploring secret government tunnels, and a few more. Currently painted over with back.



Fire in the hole



Other parts of the 70’s tunnel much higher upstream

The Beaches:




A junction between old and new.

A piece of the old tunnel currently used for cable.


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