Made in Neglinka

The Neglinka has seen too much. Drunk people left behind without light, naked people showering and washing, hallucinogenic 3-meter rats and more. Most remained (luckily for everyone) unphotographed. But not all!

I am officially Dima’s hairdresser since 2006. The exemplary haircut is on the leftstd 088

Re-exposure of IMG_0138

Re-exposure of IMG_0142

Re-exposure of IMG_0143

This is the Death Pillar, it’s waters come up to the surface from draining government bunkers at -180.
Only one who had bathed in its waters can be called a true explorer.
Re-exposure of IMG_0150

The charming river waters make you forget the cold. Come on guys, hop in.

And the river’s a perfect place for a picnic.








Food, alcohol… What should come next? Oh YES, sex!IMG_2618