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The history of Moscow’s water supply infrastructure 1

The history of Moscow’s water supply infrastructure
This wonderful article was written in Russian by Alex, with photos by Busro(“undergroundfoto”).  Their fundamental research on the subject of Moscow’s water supply is sure something worth translating. A lot of text & underground exploration photos. You can check out their blogs for more other texts and photos: Hope you enjoy it! ~9andvodka ...

Sewage strings 1

Sewage strings
The drain and sewage systems are separated. Drain water flows directly into the city aboveground rivers, while shit flows to filtering stations. The first sewer tunnels were opened only in 1898, with aeration fields in the unlucky Lublino district of Moscow. Brick sewage tunnels were constructed nearly until WWII, because the concrete at that time ...

Mulyarchik’s metro 1

Mulyarchik's metro
Leonid Mulyarchik wasn’t upset by the fact that he’s living in a small town without metro. He decided to build his own transport system! All the tunnels on the photos below were dug by one man! The inhabitants of the distant town of Lebedyan weren’t quite happy to see another group of guys coming to ...

Booze 4

Going under without a drink?! I owe you an explanation. Since this website is called “nine and vodka”, I can’t miss out some recipes and recommended portions. Let’s start with the: Nine and vodka -A couple of “Baltika 9” 8% alcohol 0.5 bottles – 120 rub (2.8 euros) -A vodka bottle 0.5 – from 200 ...