Moscow metro tunnel facilities overview

The Moscow metro has a wikipedia article that you should consider reading. Although some parts of the text are as strange as my previous post, the article has the general information on the subject. Unfortunately, it doesn’t cover any aspects interesting to an explorer. Let’s miss out the facts and go a little bit further. ...

Random metro shots

I can’t think of a story about Moscow metro urban exploration that I’d want to tell in a post, so I’ll just add a series of photos without any purpose.

Metro construction exploring // Metrostroy

I will just put all I like in one post. Only one shaft has not been launched, the rest are part of the subway. Depths vary from right below surface to nearly -80 at Victory park. Newspaper header: “Metro construction is not a digging swine”

Central Interline of Moscow Metro

The system of the Central Interline is a special case. Easy access to 2 interlines, 4 metro lines in daytime and much much more by tunnel running near closing hours or at night. Grab your bottle of Karelia and run! A map on the area:  

Saint-Petersburg Metro construction

Saint-Petersburg Metro construction
This one started in a bar in Saint Petersburg. The beer was perfect. We were dressed and ready, but had a really rough idea about the entrance. Someone said that “nobody cares there, they’re in a hurry to meet the deadline” and we headed to a shaft. The  fence was unexpectedly high. So what could we do ...

Metro – New year 2007

Metro - New year 2007
Back then, a “group of three” investigated and found a way into the system of the Central Interline. That’s us, sitting in a cable tunnel connecting three metro lines directly, and much more. We had salads and booze. At some point I thought I should visit the ladies room, and went off in one of ...