Paris exploration 2

The Paris catacombs & metro isn’t the only good thing there! Lots of quarries outside town (a great Mery-sur-Oise, Vassens and more) and different tunnels. For all the stuff except quarries and kta I was alone, and did have a wild time. Like watch a police car drive into the little dead end street where I was just pulling up a manhole, or get a joint from some spanish guy while riding a shopping carriage home because I’m too drunk and late for my metro line due to tunnel running. But the most awesome view was near the Seine – I had some stuff to check, go around the corner and see a guy masturbating and looking at something in a distance. I come closer to see what’s there – and it was a couple fucking near the toilet. Paris, you are truly a city of love. I forgot my exploration purposes and left. But if I haven’t mentioned – I have most enjoyed my time in Paris and want to be back again and again.

A home tunnel under the Seine –



Stone quarry still in use!

IMG_6329 IMG_6339  DSC01718

Hello there


Around Saumur



In search for the Bievre – some Paris sewers, and, apparently, an old bridge over the Bievre


Collecteur Pascal –


Canal Saint-Martin

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eDSC01717 eDSC01735 eDSC01737