Metro – New year 2007

Back then, a “group of three” investigated and found a way into the system of the Central Interline.
That’s us, sitting in a cable tunnel connecting three metro lines directly, and much more.

We had salads and booze.

At some point I thought I should visit the ladies room, and went off in one of the directions.

Suddenly, I saw blue light ahead!!! Fuck! Are we going to be caught?



I grabbed the bottle and camera, explained to my friends what I saw,  and leaving all the food behind we started running in the opposite direction.
The “light”  heard the booming footsteps and startes shouting “Svoii!” (can be translated as “it’s one of your own”).

We stopped…

That is how I met H.! It turned out that another group of people was celebrating the New year there!


NY 2007