Hopping in 2008.. 2

I can say that the tripĀ  started at the booze shop next to my house. I thout about what I’d like to drink and bought twice more.The shots were from some other night those days, I’ll just add them because the visual representation of this tale was similar.

I met H. & K. near a sorting station.We got into a train and quickly headed off hell knows where. We went through a tunnel at Leninsky pr-t. and somewhere else down.

The rail ring is used only for cargo transportation, and is thus unelectified. We were well drunk by the time we reached the interline off the rail ring, and since the train’s car were rectangular with closed side doors, we were fooling round on the roof. H. was standing full height when we saw the fork of electrification close in right in front of him, us yelling “HOOOORSE, lie down!”

Our train stopped at a sorting station after passing the interline.


The sorting station was dark and boring, it looked like our train is there for long.

We were walking around, and at some point H. lost his shoe. It is quite normal – H. has a bad relationship with shoes. While he went searching, Korshun and I saw a train starting off back in the direction of the ring. We waited for H. , but he wasn’t showing up. We got on screaming “H…!!” but still – he was hell knows where.

Korshun said we need to jump before the train starts to go too fast. We jumped, and I found myself sliding a few meters on the rocks. That hurt!!! Learning the right way of jumping comes with some practice.

H arrived a few minutes later with a broken shoe.


Some time later we got on another train going back. It was going slowly and had no place to hide. Some workers spotted us and informed us that we’re really wrong in a not quite polite manner. We didn’t care – the train was going.

It stopped at a small station right before the ring and we were waiting when it will continue… Hell, that wasn’t what happened.

In a minute, light came from both sides of the train. Security. The workers on the station must have reported us. One of the guards tried to beat the not really agreeable H.. H simulated some bad medical condition, we called the ambulance and were left alone by them… The ambulance wasn’t disappointed that we don’t really need their service, and we headed off to the metro. It was already morning.