Trainhop-hop-hop! Short story

The night has started at 1 AM at a minor sorting station on the small Moscow railroad ring. This ring not used for public transportation. It appeared each of the three explorers has taken a bottle of wine, and also champange and beer.

(The black-and-white photos were taken by Oleg, to whom I express my gratitude)

pic 13


We were fooling around on the sorting station, eyeing the train on the main tracks. It wasn’t really good for the ride.
In the hour or so there we were twice told to get the fuck out of there by the workers, but soon after the train started to move, and we hopped in. Takeoff was celebrated with a bottle of champange.

1pic 31


Going past the railroad security posts was an experience…

pic 19

pic 5


The wine influenced some action.

pic 16


Ou train stopped at a large sorting station. While we thought of taking another one that will leave faster, our train ran away when was out of our reach. We found a currently unused long distance train and got in through the rubber between cars. Since it was a long distnce train and not a local train, the toilets are functioning and the fucking passengers don’t use the rubber as as a place to piss (unlike the local trains).

We had a short nap. My comrades:





Sleep did not help too much. We got out and set off in a different direction.





We stopped at another sorting station close to the suburb. While I was trying to convince the comrades that it’s time to go, some fat face showewd in the car and told us to get the fuck out of there. We’re being arrested!

I was getting out first and noticed that they’re only on one side of the track. ┬áHAHA.

By their internal regulations, railroad workers are not allowed to climb on a train to cross it.

We got out at the other side and ran off as fast as we could trying not to vomit from all the drinks taken at night.
Metro, shower, home.