Vienna drains and other 1

We didn’t have a place to stay in Vienna, so being a great fan of sleeping anywhere, we decided to squat a flak tower. I read the wikipedia and chose the one that seemed to be most abandoned. We made our way in, had a delightful dinner and went to sleep. I wake up at around 9am – the lights suddenly went on! Fucking hell. I expected the phone company workers to go work on their antenna, but no. The tower was flooded with fucking tourists that tried to sneak into every corner of the tower. All dirty and with huge bags, we spent the entire morning hiding from them on half-destroyed stairs.


eDSC02035 eDSC02039

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I don’t really love movies and haven’t watched nearly anything, but I watched the “third man”. The small side rooms turned out to be pretty small, I guess I was pretty disappointed.

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