Eurotrip 2014

Three months on the road. Over 12000 km traveled, 13 countries, 23 cities.
Lots of wonderful people, beautiful architecture, and lots of urban exploration! Drains, sewers, metro, rooftops, quarries and all different kinds of tunnels you can imagine.

Equipment lost during the funtime:
1 torch, 2 car jacks (one broken, one nearly there), 1 adjustable wrench. 1 crowbar seriously bent, but usable. One tripod lost.
The possibly modified doors, locks etc are not listed

Arrests: 0
Successfully hidden or escaped workers/police: at least 4 times
Nights spent in a hotel during nearly 3 months: 4

Some of the things visited I’d like to show –

Latvia and Lithuania
The Amazing Poland
New! Dear Prague
Berlin exploration
World War II bunker in Berlin metro
Amsterdam metro construction
In the Netherlands
Paris metro
Paris exploration
Milan – above and below
Brescia’s magic red door
Vienna drains and other
Belarus – Dictator’s crap

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A few unsorted shots from the trip –eDSC01726