Booze 4

Going under without a drink?! I owe you an explanation.
Since this website is called “nine and vodka”, I can’t miss out some recipes and recommended portions.

Let’s start with the:

Nine and vodka

-A couple of “Baltika 9” 8% alcohol 0.5 bottles – 120 rub (2.8 euros)
-A vodka bottle 0.5 – from 200 rub (4.6 euros)

Buy, open and serve for 2 – 4 persons. Drink the vodka with.. beer

Famous recipe for getting wasted, recommended in events when you cannot afford to have a big heavy bag of beer.
Became popular from a song that H. sings, about his personal experience in the depths of the city. Tastes truly disgusting.





-The Cranberry 0.5 20% alcohol is pure chemistry ready fir consumption. (3.5 euros)
One bottle is recommended for one lady or gentleman.
My favorite and a true hit.




Yuppi s vodkoi “Yupi with vodka”

-A vodka bottle 0.5 – from 200 rub (4.6 euros)
-A pack of powder juice – cheap, but uneasy to find
Mixed and served for two or more persons.

That’s a home-made “Karelia”. Prove to your boyfriend that you’re a good cook! Make a Yupi s vodkoi right!
A 1.5 water bottle filled with one liter of water is used. The powder juice and vodka are poured inside, and voila! the drink is ready. But a recipe is not real life, be careful with actual proportions. Too much vodka make the drink to strong, while too much water lowers the alcohol concentration.



Hunt vs Nine

Hunt and Nine are two strong beers. Less than 1.5 euros for a bottle of 8% 0.5 l.
Some love to Hunt, others can’t live without Nine.



Grape day (Win Day, Drink-some-shit-day)

(thanks Maks!) 1.5 liters, 8.9% alcohol, True PUNK!

Something cheap and supposedly immitating wine. Plastic bottle that doesn’t break.
I would recommend one for two gentlemen.


Ukrainian beer

On the contrary to all above, ukrainian Chernigovsky factory beer does taste good.
Start your day with a bottle of Night (Bila Nich)!



What is fucking stupid:

-Buying expensive vodka. There is no difference, and your morning won’t be any better
-Buying wine. It is generally expensive or of poor quality. Or both. Leave it for somewhere else
-Trying to buy drinks after 23-00 in a shop. Plan your evening correctly!
-Saying “I won’t do that again” tomorrow. You will.