What is the difference between socialism and capitalism? 3

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What is the difference between socialism and capitalism?

The capitalist exploiter does not care about the health of the worker. A characteristic feature of decaying capitalism is the fact. that the third rail in metro is not tucked away in a protective sleeve, as in the developed socialism.


When communism comes, everything will belong to the workers. In our Soviet Union, all the attics and roofs belong to the workers! Capitalism makes the public space to residential, and even more robs the worker.


When the researchers delaying our vigilant and honest Soviet militia, it strikes in the face, the minutes and let go, and in countries of the bourgeoisie researchers can wait a heavy fine and administrative measures.

Our favorite socialist government took care of the construction of numerous shelters. In the first-aid kit for each citizen has a bright future tablets Taren.


Get up to fight capitalism with us!

3 thoughts on “What is the difference between socialism and capitalism?

  1. Reply me Nov 25,2013 3:50 pm

    yes the NKVD is such a hit!!!

  2. Reply Danbag72 Dec 23,2013 11:44 am

    I agree in theory,
    Capitalism will finish us off, or greatly reduce our inhabitable spaces with its quest and need for Permanent expansion. I thought most Russian -20% were crazed capitalist converts now?

    • Reply admin Dec 26,2013 10:53 pm

      Well, I can’t say that my post is really serious. But there is this difference.
      Some Russians may be marxists, others love capitalism, depends… Anyway, I guess the soviet union was sure contradicting some of the basic principles of what Marx wrote (some of the things that first come to mind):

      “The first positive annulment of private property – crude communism – is thus merely a manifestation of the vileness of private property, which wants to set itself up as the positive community system”

      Or his letter to Ruge –

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