Enter the Soviet!

So here we go! One of the many government bunkers in the Moscow metro. Hot stuff. Or, I’d rather call it a reserve command post.

This one was called “Sovietskaya” (as the old name of the square on the surface) by the journalists of the early 1990’s, a great, but short time of freedom between the fall of one regime and establishment of another. The articles are below, from the daily press (MK & VM, around 1993).  The legend was that it was supposed to be yet another station of the Moscow metro, but they’ve built a bunker (reserve command post). Logically, these places are supposed to be a duplicate of important ministries, forces and services on the surface in case of emergency (or war).

The person  on the first pic is standing exactly where the fattish cop from the newspaper was.


This adventure sure wasn’t recent. The bunker was under reconstruction for a while, with nearly no security. Which proved to be a good time to get in! So, that’s the metro tunnel nearby!

And one of the two “mysterious” gates =)

The bunker was a tunnel separated into 3 floors. The top part was narrow and reserved for ventilation, the other two were corridors with rooms. Being inside, you’d think that you’re in a half-abandoned basement until you feel the vibrations of a train passing just beside you.


“What’s your name, what’s your number”:

All the cables going in:

The majority of it looks like this – corridors and rooms:

That cheerful office belongs to some FSB (ex-KGB) sub-division doing classified construction. Are you also dreaming of a full workday at -50m with no sunshine or proper lunch break? Lol

And then, the long way home, watching the first trains pass in the tunnels, taking in the intoxicating air of short, but amazing Moscow summer nights. That’s all, folks!