The Death Pillar annual event, Neglinka

January, 19th is the Russian Orthodox celebration of the Baptism of good old Jesus. While the general public from the lad’s fan club jumps in ice-holes on the surface, the urban explorers submerge in sacred drain waters.

This year January was hot as hell – the temperature that day was near zero C instead of expected -15C or so.
Having around a 100 spectators, only the bravest participated. Just look at this croud:

eCRW_6645 eCRW_6647 eCRW_6650 eCRW_6652 eCRW_6655


The first one ready!eCRW_6666 eCRW_6674 eCRW_6676 eCRW_6679 eCRW_6686 eCRW_6688 eCRW_6691 eCRW_6692 eCRW_6695 eCRW_6697 eCRW_6698

After a good show, the croud starts heading for the exit.