A roof on the Yauza

A roof on the Yauza
Unlike the underground, a rooftop is not dark and dirty. A perfect place for a drink, I’d say. 9th may celebration fireworks better be viewed from the top!

Metro – New year 2007

Metro - New year 2007
Back then, a “group of three” investigated and found a way into the system of the Central Interline. That’s us, sitting in a cable tunnel connecting three metro lines directly, and much more. We had salads and booze. At some point I thought I should visit the ladies room, and went off in one of ...

Moscow drains & rivers: General information 1

Moscow drains & rivers: General information
The city’s storm drain system is separated from the sewage. The drains all fall into the two large rivers – the Moscow river and the Yauza. This kind of engineering solution makes the sewage nearly unvisitable due to the stench and constant water lever, but the drains are more than a pleasant place to visit. ...

Presnya river 1

Presnya river
The Presnya river was put underground in the first decade of the 20th century due to the railroad development. It is a long awesome brick river. The rock-hard dirt at the bottom is full of 20th century coins from construction time to modern days. I could especially note that: It has a ditch right at ...

The Neglinka river 1

The Neglinka river
I thought that there’s too much about the river and divided it all in two posts. Some not really structured information and photos are below, while the fun and parties are here The Neglinka is the oldest and most well-known Moscow underground river.  It was first transformed into an open channel by the order of ...

About nine and vodka 4

About nine and vodka
Hi. “9 and vodka” is a quote from a song unknown to the general public. The “nine” is a strong and cheap beer, well and vodka as you know is vodka.It represents the general style of  exploration we do best. Anyway. I live and explore in Moscow, and I post the stuff we find or ...