Saint-Petersburg Metro construction

Saint-Petersburg Metro construction
This one started in a bar in Saint Petersburg. The beer was perfect. We were dressed and ready, but had a really rough idea about the entrance. Someone said that “nobody cares there, they’re in a hurry to meet the deadline” and we headed to a shaft. The  fence was unexpectedly high. So what could we do ...

Power cable tonnel

Power cable tonnel
An ordinary power cable tunnel in the process of construction. Having nothing spectacular, in is just like tens of its identical brothers all over the city. It is supposed to replace some HV aboveground lines.

Chura river

Chura river
The Chura is a large drain on the right side of Moscow river. Easily accessable for urban exploration, long and new. Not much to tell about. Includes one average sized waterfall. You might be interested in Moscow drains & rivers: General information

Kopytovka river 1

Kopytovka river
The Kopytovka is an average sized concrete river with a small brick fragment. The outfall at the end of the tunnel  has a filtering station. It was largely unknown before we found it in 2006. It used to have tree roots growing through the tunnel and other noted monuments. From what I’ve heard, the roots were ...

The Chechorra river and the story of Mr. G 1

The Chechorra river and the story of Mr. G
These disputable photos are equipped with the story about a comrade, G… One cold winter evening, six explorers went downstream. We had some beers and other mood-modifying things. We walked far enough downstream, stopping every now and then to take photos, when Thunder cried “WAVE! WAVE!” The WAVE is what happens the sudden raise of ...

Mulyarchik’s metro 1

Mulyarchik's metro
Leonid Mulyarchik wasn’t upset by the fact that he’s living in a small town without metro. He decided to build his own transport system! All the tunnels on the photos below were dug by one man! The inhabitants of the distant town of Lebedyan weren’t quite happy to see another group of guys coming to ...

Booze 4

Going under without a drink?! I owe you an explanation. Since this website is called “nine and vodka”, I can’t miss out some recipes and recommended portions. Let’s start with the: Nine and vodka -A couple of “Baltika 9” 8% alcohol 0.5 bottles – 120 rub (2.8 euros) -A vodka bottle 0.5 – from 200 ...

Metro – New year 2007

Metro - New year 2007
Back then, a “group of three” investigated and found a way into the system of the Central Interline. That’s us, sitting in a cable tunnel connecting three metro lines directly, and much more. We had salads and booze. At some point I thought I should visit the ladies room, and went off in one of ...

Moscow drains & rivers: General information 1

Moscow drains & rivers: General information
The city’s storm drain system is separated from the sewage. The drains all fall into the two large rivers – the Moscow river and the Yauza. This kind of engineering solution makes the sewage nearly unvisitable due to the stench and constant water lever, but the drains are more than a pleasant place to visit. ...

Presnya river 1

Presnya river
The Presnya river was put underground in the first decade of the 20th century due to the railroad development. It is a long awesome brick river. The rock-hard dirt at the bottom is full of 20th century coins from construction time to modern days. I could especially note that: It has a ditch right at ...